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Dear Lee,
I am so happy to have been introduced to your company.
What took too much of my time is handled with one or two quick emails.
You’ve made the my job so much more efficient.
Sincerely yours,
Sharon Pennell
Assistant Club Director - Del Norte Club


Lee Holmes at ENVISION has become a crucial partner for B Street Theatre and The Sofia.

Lee provided tonight's invitations, specialty cocktail glasses, fliers and posters
with the generous gift of his creative and printing services.
We couldn't have done this without him!

-- Colette Rice, B Street Development Director

Hi Lee,

Thank you very much for acting so quickly on my request for new business cards. I’m impressed!

It will be nice to have the correct email address on my pretty cards.

Thank you for always taking care of Alice’s Embrace’s needs.



Thanks for all your assistance of late.  I am happy to provide the following endorsement for display on your new website.  Let me know if you would prefer more elaboration or brevity.

John Gates

ENVISION (formerly The Printing Factory) provided us with exceptional service as we moved to a new location.  Our printing needs had not been a major focus during the transition.  When we realized that we needed new printing products incorporating the new location, the Printing Factory was incredibly responsive in meeting a variety of needs.  It is a truly reliable and professional business helping other businesses.

John and Melissa Gates
Cordova Veterinary Hospital

To: Lee Holmes <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Why don't we proceed ahead with what you're suggesting. I'm no expert on these sort of thing's and I don't like the idea of the embossing carrying through to the back of the card. I will trust that your knowledge is superior to mine in this area, and expert advice is taken with much appreciation. You've never disappointed anything you've delivered to me and I appreciate your help. It's nice to be able to conduct business with a fellow small business owner these days so we won't be taking our needs anywhere! Let me know when they're finished please and I will swing by with payment to pick up.

Thank you Lee, have a wonderful weekend and we'll be in touch!

Tavia Stephan
Contract Installations

Hello Mr. Lee,

Thank you for sharing, you are the very best at what you do and I always enjoy talking with you.

You make me feel more like a friend than a customer and I hope Navigant will always do business with you.

Make it a great day! 

 Operations | Navigant